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The Meaning and language of flowers

The symbolic use of flowers dates back to antiquity

The symbolic and legendary meanings of flowers dates back to the Elizabethan era, but it was the Victorians who actually assigned simple messages to individual flowers.
Flower Language was Introduced to the Swedish court in 1714 by Charles II, and the Victorian mode of flower language spread quickly throughout Europe.
Agapanthus - (Agapanthus) Flower of Love Anemone - (Anemone) forsaken, anticipation
Aster - (Callastephus) love, daintiness, patience Baby's Breath - (Gypsophila) Innocence, pure of heart
Bells of Ireland - (Moluccella) good luck, luck of the Irish Bird of Paradise - (Strelitzia) joyfulness
Bittersweet – truth Bluebell – humility
Cactus - endurance; Calla Lily - (Zantedeschia) Beauty
Carnation - mini - (Dianthus) pure love, my heart yearns for you Carnation - Pink - (Dianthus) I'll never forget you
Carnation - Purple - (Dianthus) Capriciousness Carnation - Red - (Dianthus) My heart aches for you, admiration
Carnation - Solid Color - (Dianthus) Yes Carnation - Striped - (Dianthus) Sorry I can't be with you. Wish I could be with you. No, refusal
Carnation - White - (Dianthus) Sweet and lovely, pure love, woman's good luck gift Carnation - Yellow - (Dianthus) You have disappointed me; rejection
Casblanca Lily - (Oriental Lily Casa Blanca) Celebrate Chrysanthemum - You're a wonderful friend. Cheerfulness and rest
Chrysanthemum - Red - I love Chrysanthemum - White - Truth
Chrysanthemum - Yellow - (Chrysanthemum) Slighted love Chrysanthemum-spray daisy - Hope
Dandelion - Faithfulness, happiness Delphinium - (Delphinum) heavenly
Echinacea - (Coneflower) Strenth, Immunity Fern - Magic, fascination, confidence and shelter
Fern - Maidenhair - Secret bond of love Flax - Domestic symbol
Forget-Me-Not - True love, memories Freesia - (Freesia) trust, Innocence
Gardenia - (Gardenia) You're lovely. Secret love Gladiolus - (Gladiolus) give me a break, i'm really sincere, flower of the gladiators, strength of character
Grass - Submission Heather - Lavender - (Calluna or Erica) Admiration, solitude
Heather - White - (Calluna or Erica) Protection, wishes will come true Holly - Defense, domestic happiness
Honeysuckle - happiness Hyacinth - (Hyacinthus) Games and sports, rashness, flower dedicated to Apollo
Hyacinth - Blue - (Hyacinthus) Constancy Hyacinth - Pink - (Hyacinthus) Play
Hyacinth - Purple - (Hyacinthus) Sorrow, I am sorry. Please forgive me Hyacinth - Red - (Hyacinthus) Play
Hyacinth - White - (Hyacinthus) I'll pray for you. Loveliness Hyacinth - Yellow - (Hyacinthus) Jealousy
Hydrangea - (hydrangea) Frigidity, heartlessness Iris - (Iris) Your friendship means so much to me. Fleur-de-lis, emblem of France, faith, hope, wisdom and valor. My compliments
Ivy - Wedded love, fidelity, friendship, affection Ivy - Sprig of White Tendrils - Anxious to please; affection
Kangaroo Paw - (Anigozanthus) Uneual Larkspur - fickleness, levity
Lilac - (Syringa) youthful innocence Lily - Calla - Beauty
Lily - Stargazer - Daydreamer, pure of heart, Heaven in your eyes, congratulations Lily - Tiger - wealth, pride
Lily - White - Virginity, purity, majesty. It's heavenly to be with you Lily - Yellow - (Lilium) I'm walking on air. False and gay
Lily of the Valley - (Convallaria) Sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, return to happiness, humility. You've made my life complete Lisianthus - (Eustoma) outgoing nature
Magnolia - Nobility Marigold - Cruelty, grief, jealousy
Mistletoe - Kiss me, affection, to surmount difficulties, sacred plant of India Moss - Maternal love, charity
Myrtle - Love, Hebrew emblem of marriage Orchid - Love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol for many children
Orchid - Cattleya - (Cattleya) Mature charm Orchid - Cymbidium - (Cymbidium) love, beauty, refinement
Orchid - Dendrobium - (Dendrobium) Refinement, beauty Palm Leaves - Victory and success
Peony - Shame, happy life, happy marriage Petunia - Resentment, anger. Your presence soothes me
Pine - Hope, pity Poppy - Eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination
Poppy - Red - Pleasure Poppy - White - Consolation
Poppy - Yellow - Wealth Protea - King - (Protea) courage
Queen Anne's Lace - (Ammi) sanctuary Ranunculus - (Ranunculus) radiant, beautiful
Rose - Bridal - Happy love Rose - Christmas - Tranquilize my anxiety, anxiety
Rose - Coral - Desire Rose - Damask - Persian ambassador of love
Rose - Dark Crimson - Mourning Rose - Hibiscus - Delicate beauty
Rose - Lavender - Enchantment Rose - Orange - (Rosa) Fascination
Rose - Pale Pink - Modesty Rose - Pink - Thankfulness
Rose - Pink - Perfect happiness. Please believe me Rose - Red - Love, I love you
Rose - Red and White Mixed - Unity, flower emblem of England Rose - Single Full Bloom - I love you. I still love you
Rose - Tea - I will remember, always Rose - Thornless - Love at first sight
Rose - White - Innocence and purity, secrecy and silence. I am worthy of you. You are heavenly Rose - White Dried - Death is preferable to loss of virtue
Rose - Yellow - Decrease of love, jealousy, try to care Rosebud - Beauty and youth, a heart innocent of love
Rosebud - Moss - Confessions of love Rosebud - Red - Pure and lovely
Rosebud - White - Girlhood Roses - Bouquet of Mature Blooms - Gratitude
Roses - Crown - Reward of merit, crown symbol of superior merit Roses - Musk Cluster - Charming
Snapdragon - (Antirrhinum) Deception, gracious lady Spider Flower - Elope with me
Statice - (Limonium) i miss you Stephanotis - (Stephanotis) Happiness in marriage, desire to travel
Stock - (Matthiola) Bonds of affection, promptness. You'll always be beautiful to me Sunflower - (Helianthus) Pure thoughts, pure love, longevity, pride, sunshine
Sweet Pea - (Lathyrus) Good-bye, departure, blissful pleasure, thank you for a lovely time Tulip - (Tulipa) Perfect lover, frame, flower emblem of Holland
Tulip - Red - (Tulipa) Believe me, declaration of love Tulip - Variegated - (Tulipa) Beautiful eyes
Tulip - Yellow - (Tulipa) There's sunshine in your smile Violet - Modesty
Violet - Blue - Watchfulness, faithfulness. I'll always be true Violet - White - Let's take a chance
Waxflower - (Chamelaucium) Happiness in Marriage