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Bridal Bouquets

A collection of bouquets from weddings we have done.

    THUMB 1
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    Beautiful and Sophisticated

    Stephanotis embelished with Swarovski crystals in a cloud of Baby's Breath

    THUMB 2
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    Beautiful and Elegant

    all white round bouquet of cymbidium orchids, roses, calla lilies and freesia

  • THUMB 3
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    Simple and carefree

    white lisianthus

  • THUMB 4
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    A pretty statement

    of garden roses, green cymbibium orchids, purple sweetpeas and white lisianthus

  • THUMB 5
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    A cascade bouquet

    of freedom roses and beautiful white garden roses acccented with stephanotis and trailing jasmine vine

  • THUMB 6
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    Traditional round bouquet

    of peach and white roses and spray roses with accents of rhinestones

  • THUMB 7
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    Beautiful Versilia roses

    are enhanced with a garland of pearls on silver wire

  • THUMB 8
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    Simple gather

    of white Calla lilies and freesia

  • THUMB 9
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    Fresh and natural

    white summer flowers with touches of fragrant stephanotis

  • THUMB 10
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    Picasso Calla lilies

    and white Calla lilies, hydrangea, lisianthus and spray roses in a sphere of curly willow

  • THUMB 11
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    White Peonies, Lily of the Valley and Tulips

    are the feature flowers of this beautiful spring cascade bouquet

  • THUMB 12
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    Open White Roses

    the classic bridal bouquet

  • THUMB 13
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    Stephanotis with Sworovski crystals

    white roses and hydrangea

  • THUMB 14
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    Gardenias and Stephanotis

    are featured with Vandella spray roses and accents of Queen Annes Lace

  • THUMB 15
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    Casual Sophistication

    Cafe au Lait Dahlias, Calecena Heather, Roses and Queen Annes Lace

  • THUMB 16
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    Calla Lilies

    with a collar of black feathers

  • THUMB 17
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    Crescent cascade

    of Gardenia's, Jasmine Vine with accents of gold

  • THUMB 18
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    Traditional round bouquet

    pale pink tulips, white freesia and stephanotis

  • THUMB 19
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    and Pearls

  • THUMB 20
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    Peonies and Garden Roses

    with accents of jasmine vine and crystal embelishments

  • THUMB 21
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    Sweet and Simple

    white garden roses and spray roses

  • THUMB 22
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    Phaleonopsis Orchids

    with white roses and tulips

  • THUMB 23
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    Crescent cascade

    of white peonies and tulips

  • THUMB 24
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    All dressed in white

    Cymbidium orchids, Calla Lilies, freesia and lisianthus

  • THUMB 25
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    Gathered red roses

    accented with Grandma's broach

  • THUMB 26
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    Vintage Bouquet

    white hydrangea covered with vintage broaches

  • THUMB 27
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    Organic gathered bouquet

    of hydrangea, celocia, green trix, and ferns

  • THUMB 28
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    Bold and dynamic

    gathered bouquet of white and orange flowers and berries

  • THUMB 29
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    Prayer Book bouquet

    of white roses and stephanotis with silver and Swarovski crystal enhancements

  • THUMB 30
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    White roses

    with rhinestone embeleshments

  • THUMB 31
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    Calla Lilies and Roses

    beautiful and classic

  • THUMB 32
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    Rose gold bouquet

    Roses in shades of blush and soft gold enhanced with rose gold broaches

  • THUMB 33
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    Upright bouquet

    of spray garden roses, white lisianthus, queen annes lace and maidenhair fern

  • THUMB 34
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    Silver Wire Septor Bouquet

    of Calla lilies and Seeded eucalyptus

  • THUMB 35
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    Peaches and Cream

    Juliet garden roses, white roses, lisianthus and fragrant freesia

  • THUMB 36
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    Cream, Blush and Pale Pink

    Roses and Calla Lilies embelished with gold and pearls

  • THUMB 37
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    A little bit lodge

    bright yellow roses, white Calla lilies and freesia with stem wrap of birch bark

  • THUMB 38
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    Grey and white

    simple bouquet of white fuji mums and stephanotis with accents of grey feathers and rhinestones

  • THUMB 39
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    A simple statement

    a stem of white Phaleonopsis orchids with a collar of white hydrangea and rhinestones